The Skillful Facilitator

Strategies for Meeting Dynamics & Group Dysfunction 



  What can you do to prevent group dysfunction?

      When should you intervene in dynamics, and how?

           How face conflict with resilience and confidence?




The Skillful Facilitator is a unique blend of classroom learning and personalized coaching. Participants will be empowered with helpful frameworks, tools, and techniques to identify, prevent, and as needed diffuse difficult meeting and group situations. Working from a neutral stance, what power do you have as a facilitator if dynamics arise, and what strategies can you adopt? Learn how to intervene appropriately, helping enhance group understanding, the acceptance of differences, and to transform conflict into an opportunity for better solutions and results.

“A highly engaging and informative workshop with individual and group activities to anchor learnings, plus real examples and many applicable tools and resources." -- Participant, June 12, 2013
"This course goes right to the heart of group dynamics and the scariest part of facilitation. You will receive concrete techniques to apply." -- AB, June 12, 2013

Learning Objectives:

You will:
  • Understand your role as a facilitator in the face of group dynamics
  • Recognize the symptoms and diagnose the sources of disagreement
  • Acquire helpful models to prepare for and deal with group dynamics & dysfunction
  • Master the art of asking good questions to diagnose and facilitate healthy outcomes
  • Practice applying helpful facilitative interventions to different scenarios
  • Gain insights on your personal triggers
  • Learn strategies to more ably "stand in the fire" during conflict
  • Receive personalized coaching after class focused on your needs and situations

Ideal For:

Both novice and seasoned facilitators who seek to hone their skills in dealing with difficult meeting and group situations. You may be a team or project leader, a manager, professional, teacher, or other leader who works in any group and community setting.
“Well paced course with good, practical information, real life examples and opportunities to practice in a safe way. Plus, it was fun!" -- Participant, June 2013