Basics to Good Meetings

meeting-3Meetings are essential to project management, team performance, collaboration, and innovation.  The sad fact is that most of us fail to consistently attend to the basics to ensure we facilitate good meetings.

Mentally review your meetings in the last month, and answer these key questions: 

  1. Was the meeting in person the truly the best strategy for your purpose?
  2. Did you have an agenda? Did it provide a clear, realistic structure and plan to achieve the meeting outcomes? Did everyone have a copy?
  3. Did you have the right people to accomplish the goals outlined in the agenda? Did everyone need to be there for the entire meeting?
  4. Did you have agreement on meeting norms and roles?
  5. Did you have the right facilitation processes to engage participants productively and meaningfully – no matter what the size of group? Were you the right person to facilitate, or would a  skilled neutral facilitator achieved better results?
  6. Did you have a strategy for staying on topic and on time?
  7. Did meeting participants have the information and understanding they will need to make informed and wise contributions?
  8. Did you have a plan for starting and ending the meeting, including clarity on commitments and follow-up?

Knowing the basics of running an effective meeting is a critical leadership competency. Having a list of the fundamentals to conduct a good meeting is only the first step. Build facilitation competencies and confidence with The Confident Facilitator.


Author: myriamlaberge

M.A. (Economics), Certified Professional Facilitator Founder & Managing Director