Facilitate breakthrough strategic planning meetings

Facilitate breakthrough strategic planning meetings

Acquire our proven best practices for leading a team, business unit or organization through key strategic process questions.


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As a newly remote group leader since the start of the pandemic, you recognize that face-to-face meetings may not be an option for some time. Let’s face it though – many people silently thought those meetings were a waste of time - even though they were necessary to do things together that could not be achieved by individuals on their own. Like problem-solving. Issue resolution. Strategy or product development - just to name a few. You're likely at the point where your remote group work has to go beyond Status Progress Reports and Check-ins, to roll-up their virtual sleeves and tackle some of your meaty issues and pressing goals.

In this free online MasterClass, you’ll walk away with practical ideas that you can implement right away at your next remote group meeting for enhanced participation and results. You'll learn how a professional facilitator gets ready for maximum productivity, input and group alignment - whether the group is meeting virtually or in-person. And by applying a few key strategies, you'll boost both engagement and results.

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For over a decade at the Masterful Facilitation Institute, we’ve been developing the confidence and skill of leaders to design and facilitate great meetings, group sessions and workshops - every time, for any purpose. We’re currently in the process of distilling the best facilitation practices from our courses into online content for early fall delivery. Our goal is to develop practical, actionable, step-by-step modules that any remote group leader can apply with confidence.

"We highly recommend Masterful Facilitation Institute as a strong and innovative provider of facilitation training that is as approachable, insightful and differentiating."--John Horn, Manager, Learning and Development, People Solutions, Vancity

"I have worked with the Masterful Facilitation Institute over the past few years to build the Ontario Power Authority’s organizational capability in facilitation skills." -- Carol Pask, Manager, Learning and Organizational Development, HR, Ontario Power Authority

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  • As a community or multi-stakeholder leader  working across boundaries, you’ll reach mutual understanding and common ground for collaborative and sustainable results.


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