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You are looking to sharpen your saw on how to facilitate, and how to do so successfully online. You are already experienced in your profession and field such as an executive, manager or other leader; a project manager, group coach, internal or external consultant, business analyst, professional and technical expert, change and quality improvement agent, organization development leader, and other human resource leader. If you're starting out, the best practice foundations you need are here for you too. Be ready to help your geographically dispersed team solve problems, drive projects, and collaborate.

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You have been running meetings remotely for awhile. What you want is no wasted time. Efficient, focused and productive meetings. Engaged participants and right use of technology. You don't have to be a professional facilitator to help your virtual team collaborate and succeed online, but you will benefit greatly from learning and adopting their tools and practices. You can shine online like a pro! Know how to plan and run interactive and productive eMeetings.

Facilitation skills for the virtual workplace

Virtual work is here to stay. Our empowering how-to online courses help you to:


FREE mini-course with quick tips on how you can anticipate and pro-actively solve common pitfalls beyond the technology.



Mini-course on how to design and lead interactive large group discussions on video conference calls for maximum engagement and quality input/feedback.


Lead like the pros and get their results. Five modules cover all the basics from right technology to solid preparation and interactive process.


Know what to do. How to do it. When and why. With our comprehensive 9-module course, you can tackle more complex online facilitated work.

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