Strategies for Zoom Pitfalls

Even more things can go wrong in virtual meetings than in your face-to-face sessions. It's not realistic to think you can prevent 100% of all potential pitfalls. The key is to know how to respond. In our mini-course, we go through 12 common pitfalls that often arise on video-conference calls and how you can quickly respond or anticipate. Take free Mini-Course!

It's More Than the Technology

Sure, there are many more things that can go sideways on a video-conference call than usually arise during an in-person meeting. For one thing, every participant is connecting from a different device - their smart phone, their tablet, or their computer. Just getting everyone online and able to see others, listen and speak are big tech hurdles. And there can be many more having to do with:

  • The size and location of your virtual group
  • Individual team member not having the same access or comfort with technology
  • Your own comfort with chairing the process and stick-handling the tech.

Beyond the technology, there are many pitfalls that you can pro-actively anticipate so you can run better virtual meetings. You can develop a plan or have a strategy in your back pocket so you're ready to respond quickly when they arise. For example:

  • Not getting going on time
  • Not enough time to engage people
  • Not handling digressions well
  • Participants disengaged, bored or fading
  • Technology issues dominating

Our mini-course, Trouble Shoot and Shine goes into 12 common pitfalls that you as virtual meeting leader can anticipate, and offers you strategies that professional facilitators follow. You receive:

  • Video: Walkthrough of the common pitfalls to anticipate and pro-actively address.
  • Presentation PDF: Comprehensive downloadable document with even more detail pitfalls and strategies.
  • Checklist: Handy reference document that you can print out and a user guide you can share.
  • Bonus: Tips on how to avoid Death by PowerPoint during live meetings.

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