Our Mission and Approach

Imagine if every person who makes up your team could contribute fully, whether online or in-person. When you lead great meetings and collaborative work, you and your group can achieve the unique difference you seek to make in the world.


For over a decade at the Masterful Facilitation Institute, we’ve been developing the confidence and skill of leaders to design and facilitate great meetings, group sessions and workshops – every time, in-person and in virtual space.

Our courses are now delivered online, but our mission hasn't changed. We exist to help you engage the full potential of your people through effective facilitation.


We teach what works. Our courses are grounded in decades of professional facilitation practice and adult education. As seasoned facilitators, we have learned firsthand what works (and what doesn’t) in almost every conceivable group setting. As a result, we teach exactly what to do to succeed.


I have worked with [Masterful Facilitation Institute] over the past 3 years to build the Ontario Power Authority’s organizational capability in facilitation skills. We call it one of our “mission critical competencies”; we believe it is a core competency needed to achieve our strategic objectives.” -- Carol Pask, Manager, Learning and Organizational Development, HR, Ontario Power Authority (now IESO)

Myriam Laberge, Founder

I switched careers from Economist and Finance Manager to Professional Facilitator three decades ago, after experiencing the power of facilitation to engage the creativity, intelligence and experience of people in group settings. Up until then, meetings were unproductive and frustrating, often with positional dynamics, wasted time and discussions that went nowhere.

Like the essential leadership skills of communication and coaching, I discovered that facilitation could play a key role in bringing out the best in people and guiding them to extraordinary results. Facilitation, I realized, is a key leadership competency for every successful manager, professional, project or group leader, and consultant.

I learned - and you can too, how to adopt proven best practices from the field of facilitation to meaningfully engage the talent, passion and know-how of participants for effective collaborative outcomes. Empowered with basic facilitation concepts, practices and skills, it was now possible to custom design excellent sessions no matter the sector (business, government, education, community) or the type of work (strategic planning, problem-solving, team development, ideation and innovation, conflict resolution, process improvement and action planning).

My motivation for founding the Masterful Facilitation Institute in 2008 was to assist professionals, consultants and leaders like you to develop their facilitation leadership. Our courses build your know-how and confidence. You acquire the core professional facilitation concepts, tools, and methods so you can design and facilitate valuable, time-efficient, engaging and supported outcomes – every time for any purpose, whether facilitating in-person or virtually.


Our clients represent a full range of industries as well as a variety of sectors.

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