Build Your Online Team

Human beings do their best work in welcoming environments that nurture their needs for safety, connection and respect, and where trust is built up over time. How do we do this virtually with so many of us working and meeting remotely?

Building trust is especially hard for remote and distributed teams, and this makes relationship-building time during online meetings even more critical. Yet, as we move from one Zoom meeting to another, it may be natural for virtual team leaders to simply dive right into the work, forgetting to balance task with human connection.

Here’s the impact: An HBR study of 1100 remote workers, pre-pandemic, found they were more likely to feel left out and excluded: “When it comes to virtual teams, if you’re out of sight, you’re also out of mind.” The study recommended that managers invest in activities that lead to trust, connection and shared purpose.

What if you invested 10% of online meeting time in building virtual team connections? 

And chose connections activities and warm-ups that purposefully developed stronger team bonds rather than simply break the ice (often a time waster)?

Relationship building that nurtures your online community is never a time waster.  In our new online course: 
Mastering eMeetings 101, we offer some 30 different warm-up and connection activities that  build your virtual community.

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