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"I believe that magic can happen in groups, releasing extraordinary creativity and power. Only rarely does this occur spontaneously and effortlessly. Tapping collective intelligence and wisdom usually requires an investment of time spent together sharing, exploring, discovering, learning, bridging, dreaming and planning. A deeply compelling question must catalyze the group’s central intention. A foundation of respect and civility among members is paramount. Appropriate use of process and design matters." -- Myriam Laberge, Reflections on 27 Years of Professional Group Process Facilitation

Starting in 1990, after a 13-year career as a management consultant and economist in a variety of roles, my work focus shifted to professional group process facilitation. I co-founded Breakthroughs Unlimited Inc. with Don Haythorne, and together, we designed, facilitated, consulted, taught and wrote about effective group process. From 2007 forward, as Don moved to other interests, I teamed up with Associates with complimentary expertise to meet client engagement needs.

My specialization was strategic planning, dialogue, whole system and large scale change, as well as other organization development and transformation services. Qualified and experienced in a wide range of facilitation methods and processes, I was able to blend, develop, and deliver customized designs to achieve the targeted results desired by clients. I brought my in-depth understanding of group dymanics, effective meeting processes, and principle-centered methods for dialogue, deliberation, consensus, collabration and decision-making to helps groups successfully achieved desired session outcomes.

In parallel with these almost three decades of successful facilitation service, I simultaneously developed executive teaching experience through SFU's Centre for Innovation in Management, Boston College's Center for Corporate Citizenship, and as a Dialogue Associate at the SFU Wosk Centre for Dialogue. My vision and reason for founding the Masterful Facilitation Institute in 2008 evolved from this work. Read more...

As a professional facilitator my foremost purpose was always to help my clients achieve their desired results through meaningful conversations and engagement at meetings, planning sessions and other gatherings . I worked with groups as few as 5 people and as many as 500+.

In organizations, I worked with all levels from the Board and Executive Team to departments, cross-functional teams and the entire organization. In communities, my work spanned many organizations and groups to engage multiple stakeholders. My clients could expect as we worked together that I would:

  • Do extensive "homework" up front, so that clients did not waste valuable time in the session.

  • Customize each facilitation process, choosing exactly the right tools and techniques that best suited the people and results of each client.

  • Facilitate a positive, engaging, energizing, empowering, that was fun and highly productive.
  • Facilitate a session designed to build on diverse views and reach a decision all could commit to.
  • Know when to change or even abandon the agenda and adapt to the changing dynamics of the group or the situation – all for the purpose of achieving the client's chosen objectives.
  • Depending on client needs, worked independently or partnered with associates and colleagues to achieved desired goals.

Client Testimonials

  • You are the best, most masterful facilitator I have had the pleasure of working with in my 30-year career. Professor Sally Wyke, UK Participant, Self Management Support for Chronic Conditions - International Roundtable
  • This was the best Strategic Planning session I have ever participated in; a 10 out of 10!" Commanding Officer Bev Busson, "E" Division RCMP (verbal closing remarks)
  • Through your facilitation processes, we achieved an unanticipated level of teambuilding, consensus and agreement on key policies and priorities.” Greg Betts, Chief Administrative Officer, District of Coldstream
  • “In my 35 years in the credit union sector, I have been through countless sessions such as these. This session, by far, was the best planning session I've ever been part of!" Al Morin, CEO, Assiniboine Credit Union

Career Summary

  • Sept. 1989 to Present: Principal, President & Co-founder, Breakthroughs UNLIMITED Organization Transformation Services Inc.
  • January 2008 to Present: Managing Director, Masterful Facilitation Institute (learning arm of Breakthroughs Unlimited Inc.)
  • From 2000-2008: Associate Director, Collaborative Learning & Dialogue, Centre for Sustainable Community Development, Simon Fraser University.
  • From 2006-2008: Boston College, Center for Corporate Citizenship, Stakeholder Engagement.
  • From 2008 to 2015: Dialogue Associate with the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue.
  • From 1986-1989: Operating Budget Officer, then Manager, Corporate Budget Office, City of Edmonton
  • From 1983-1985: Senior Management Consultant, Operations Research and Management Studies Branch, City of Edmonton
  • From 1978-1982: Management Consultant – Peat Marwick & Partners; Economist – HLA Consultants; Economist – Alberta Health Care.


M.A. Economics, University of Alberta, 1978

B.A. (Honours) Economics, University of Alberta, 1977 


1996 Macleans Magazine Honour Roll for contribution to Canadian Unity ·

1996 Ethics in Action Nominee for contribution to Canadian Unity