Breakthroughs Unlimited Inc.


The Masterful Facilitation Institute is the teaching arm of our consulting company, Breakthroughs Unlimited Inc. (Read story: About Masterful Facilitation Institute)


Former Company Profile 


Breakthroughs UNLIMITED Inc. supported clients to implement successful organizational and community level change and transformation from 1990 to 2016. (President and Co-Founder: Myriam Laberge)

All of our services to clients were founded on participative processes that respect people, and release their commitment, energy and wisdom.

Over our nearly three decades of service, we assisted our clients to: craft compelling visions, plan for the future, renew their organizations, improve their processes, redesign their structures, clarify their values, build their teams, enhance their collaborative capacity, develop their leadership potential, engage their stakeholders, dialogue on complex issues, generate innovative solutions, and align around sustainable plans.



Originally founded by Myriam Laberge and Don Haythorne, we can recommend trusted and highly experienced Associates to support your unique client needs. Contact us.