Bring Our Courses to You





Benefits for Your People

By hosting courses customized to your workplace, participants find it easier to transfer and apply their newly learned facilitation skills. Participants can engage in focused conversations relevant to their context and issues. They can practice their skills together and share their learning outcomes.


Benefits for Your Organization

For your company or organization, your investment in facilitation builds organizational capacity, ensures a ready-made community of practice, and represents a clear commitment to a culture of facilitative leadership and effective meetings. Ultimately, we help you create a more productive workplace.

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Customizing Our Courses

We work with your team to adapt course learning objectives and intended outcomes to suit your organization. And we ensure our courses anchor and reinforce the key messages of your corporate strategy and change programs. Our aim? To add true value and lasting outcomes to your competency-building goals so they will continue to serve you through enhanced organizational capacity.


In-House Course Delivery Options


  1. Individual Registrations. Most organizations provide their employees with annual professional development funds. Canvas your colleagues to explore  who might be interested in advancing their facilitation skills. You'll be surprised at the positive response you may get! Once you have a group of 12, then we'll work with you to schedule a class and setup an in-house registration process.

  2. Team or Business Unit. In some groups, it is beneficial to have several team members develop effective facilitation skills. If you don't have 12 people, invite other teams or units to participate.

  3. Organization. We have been regularly delivering our empowering courses in-house for many years to client organizations as part of their leadership and talent development programs. Minimum class size is 12.


Expertise, Results and Service


At Masterful Facilitation Institute, our quality content, instructor expertise and supporting technology are geared to meet your unique strategic learning goals.

Expertise: Our facilitation skill-building courses harness our extensive experience from the design and facilitation of hundreds of meetings in every conceivable setting, combined with solid instructional course design.
Results-Focused: We design learning programs based on what works and we empower your people with effective training that ensures capacity is built for the strategic results you desire.
Blended Learning: Our courses combine a variety of approaches that help learners to learn: graphics, technology and online resources. We design the best mix of delivery formats for your culture, audience and goals to ensure the most effective learning.


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