Consulting Projects


Associates - Breakthroughs Unlimited Inc. 

  • Ben Kadel - is a senior organizational development consultant and facilitator with a breadth of experience working with teams and organizations.
  • Peggy Jessome is an experienced facilitator who helps groups and organizations create their desired future through coaching, visioning and planning. 
  • Avril Orloff is a much sought professional graphic recorder who draws out people’s ideas by creating visual templates, agendas, worksheets and visual records of meetings. 
  • Myriam Laberge is a professional facilitator and a respected veteran in the field. She is Managing Director of the Masterful Facilitation Institute, Principal of Breakthroughs Unlimited and a Senior Project Advisor on consulting engagements. 


Ben Kadel

Ben brings over two decades of organizational development experience and a unique mix of skills to every project he facilitates. Comfortable with groups from twenty people to two-thousand, he has facilitated contentious public meetings of several hundred people, and led change initiatives in organizations with over a thousand staff. Ben is familiar with a wide variety of participatory tools and techniques that allow him to customize his approach to suit the specific needs of any organization

Ben is equally at home with hard data or hot emotions, and has developed an approach that understands the basic fundamentals — structure, process, and culture — required to create an effective and productive workplace. He spends time with each client to fully understand their needs and the heart of the issues affecting them and designs a process that will maximize the impact of the time spent together and leaves each organization with a new and increased overall capacity to address new challenges.
Ben has worked with clients ranging from universities, to governmental agencies to tech startups and from mining to retail and everything in between, but his passion lies with organizations that aim to make a positive impact in society, especially educational organizations. 
Ben has a B.A from Pennsylvania State University and a M.S. and PhD in Sociology and Social Psychology from the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  (Read more)

Peggy Jessome

Peggy has more than 20 years of experience as a skilled facilitator, coach. manager and change agent. She specializes in helping teams and organizations develop the visions and the practical strategies they need to create the futures they want. She is effective at helping teams to carry out those strategies successfully. Her easy charm and wit endear her to the groups she works with, lending them the confidence to move to higher levels in their work together. 
She focuses on designing and facilitating participative processes that empower and engage clients, using a variety of facilitation methods from small groups to whole system change.  Her familiarity with a wide spectrum of methods allows her to customize each session to meet the specific needs of her clients.
Peggy's clients come from various levels of large public sector organizations, educational systems and small entrepreneurial firms, including co-facilitating district–wide visioning for school districts in Delta and Langley BC. Peggy has a B.Sc. from University of Ottawa and an MBA from the University of Warwick. (Read more)

Avril Orloff

Avril is a sought after graphic recorder and facilitator who literally draws out people's ideas by creating a visual record of meetings, conferences and workshops. Combining words with images, Avril captures the essence of a facilitated session as it unfolds, highlighting key ideas and helping the big picture to emerge. As participants see their ideas take shape they gain greater clarity and understanding, while the creative process encourages fresh thinking and more imaginative solutions.
Avril uses visual facilitation to design meetings that actively use visuals as a facilitative tool. In addition, she creates custom graphics in her studio (templates, posters, visual agendas and history maps) for clients who want to present information in a more compelling way.
She puts her visual thinking skills to work to record and animate meetings, conferences, and workshops with fun, creativity and insight. Her clients include community groups, government, educational institutions and business. (Read more)