Course Pre-Requisites


What Are The Pre-Requisites? Who Is This Course For?


  The Agile Facilitator: Advanced Group Process Facilitation Skills

  • Pre-Requisite: Either The Confident Facilitator, or previous experience
  • Ideal for: Individuals who already have experience facilitating groups and are seeking to improve the quality and outcomes of their meetings and sessions
  • Follow with: Skillful, Engaging, Strategic, Inspired

  The Artful Visual Facilitator: Bringing Meeting Results to Life - Graphics

  • Pre-Requisite: None
  • Ideal for: Anyone wishing to learn the essentials of graphic recording. Drawing experience is not required
  • Follow with: Any other course

  The Confident Facilitator: Essential  Skills for Guiding Groups

  • Pre-Requisite: None
  • Ideal for: Meeting leaders seeking to learn what to do before, at the start, during, at the end and throughout to facilitate effective meetings and sessions.
  • Follow with: Skillful, Agile

 The Facilitative Instructor: Best Practices for Active Learning Engagement

  • Pre-Requisite: Previous training / instructional delivery experience
  • Ideal for: Subject matter experts, instructors, change agents, managers - anyone asked to teach others and/or lead workshops and classes
  • Follow with: Skillful, Agile, Engaging

  The Engaging Facilitator: Conversation Methods for Collaboration

  • Pre-Requisite: Some facilitation experience and/or The Confident Facilitator
  • Ideal for: Individuals who work with cross-functional teams, multi-stakeholder groups, and various partners and organizations across boundaries.
  • Follow with: Inspired, Strategic

 The Inspired Facilitator: Achieving Mastery Engaging Groups

  • Pre-Requisite: The Agile Facilitator or equivalent.
  • Ideal for: For advanced facilitators, practitioners and leaders with considerable experience and training in facilitation.

 The Strategic Facilitator: Aligning Around Vision and Strategy

  • Pre-Requisite: The Agile Faciliator or equivalent.
  • Ideal for: Seasoned facilitators with solid understanding of the fundamentals of guiding groups through complex consensus processes, or individuals able to call upon a skillled professional facilitator
  • Follow with: Engaging, Inspired