In-House Client Testimonials

"I have worked with the Masterful Faciltiation Institute over the past few years to build the Ontario Power Authority’s organizational capability in facilitation skills. We call it one of our “mission critical competencies"; we believe it is a core competency needed to achieve our strategic objectives. The instructors are what I call “Master Facilitators". They model the way it is to be done and can also train others in how to do it (and have fun at the same time)!  The OPA has had a full range of programs delivered by them: the Confident Facilitator, Engaging Facilitator, Agile Facilitator, Strategic Facilitator and the Virtual Facilitator. In 2012 we are starting an “OPA Facilitators Network", an in-house roster of those who want to be called on for the opportunity to facilitate meetings that will contribute to achieving OPA’s goals and objectives. In the process they will learn about other areas of the business." Carol Pask, Manager, Learning and Organizational Development, HR, Ontario Power Authority

"The in-house course you delivered exceeded our expectations; the instructors were outstanding. Their professional and engaging approach and their wealth of knowledge helped make the course a tremendous learning experience. I look forward to working with you again.” Leslie Keen, Associate Dean of Teaching and Learning, Faculty of Science, University of Calgary

"I cannot speak highly enough of the Masterful Facilitation Institute! The Institute is, in my view, as a client and trainee, a leader in facilitation training! The instructors are very skilled and exceeded my expectations in delivering training to our organization. What I most appreciated, was that the instructors embodied & modelled, the fundamental principles of engaging people & facilitating conversations in deeply respectful, meaningful and effective ways. They took time to understand our expectations and to adjust to our learning needs & pace. The course content was practical and inspired application of the skills. Overall the course design was engaging & fun for adult learners. I would absolutely recommend the Masterful Facilitation Institute to everyone wanting to develop practical & effective facilitation skills."  Kim Hannah, Public Involvement Consultant, Health Canada. Listen to more.

"The instructors from Masterful Facilitation Institute are excellent role models of the best practices they teach for a variety of facilitation methods. The interactive style of the instruction allows hands-on experience for participants in facilitation and also exposes them to various tools that assist in being successful in a variety of settings. The materials provided are excellent reference resources when we return to the workplace. I highly recommend Masterful Facilitation Institute to help build facilitation capacity within your organization." - Julie Kleiberg, Senior Organization Development Advisor

“Combining knowledge, patience and fun, the [exceptional facilitators] provided our team with engaging strategies and tactics for getting the best out of meetings, workshops and projects. We highly recommend Masterful Facilitation Institute as a strong and innovative provider of facilitation training that is as approachable, insightful and differentiating” -- John Horn, Manager, Learning and Development, People Solutions, Vancity