Facilitating Online Collaboration


Who Is This Course For?

Ideal for team leaders and group facilitators looking to enhance their repertoire of online facilitation skills, practical methods and frameworks to enhance the quality and results of your online collaboration, including roles such as project manager, internal consultant, business analyst, professional and technical expert, change and quality improvement agent, organization development and other human resource leaders. 

What Is This Course About?

The first five modules of the course are Mastering eMeetings 101. After completing these, you receive 5 more modules so you will be able to:

  • Support the online collaborative work of your remote group so they can do their best thinking, participate fully, build mutual understanding and common ground, foster inclusive solutions and cultivate alignment and ownership for results.
  • Leverage the potential of asynchronous pre- and post-work to facilitate the divergent and convergent arc that any collaborative conversation must go through, so you can design your online working sessions, or "eSessions" accordingly.
  • Discern when to apply your management skills to control and direct remote work, and when to exert your facilitative leadership skills to enable excellence in others. 
  • Attend to both the process and the content of how a collaborative session must be designed and unfold for full engagement, creativity and results. 
  • Facilitate group conversations with greater with ease, applying what good facilitators ALWAYS do to lead to any desired meeting outcome, including how to skilfully ask good questions.
  • Practice the core facilitation tools for collaborative work online on appropriate technology platforms. 
  • Access different workshop methods and applications to design your own collaborative sessions, and see the value of a high-level overview in a generic 5-Step Workshop Method.

At the end of all 10 modules, you will be able to view collaborative work sessions from the mindset of a Professional Facilitator.  You’ll be more aware of the guiding principles and frameworks that guide how best to design a working session, and you will know how to apply the best practices for leading any conversation for maximum engagement and collaborative success.

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