Mastering eMeetings 101

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Who Is This Course For?

New to leading virtual meetings? If you are a meeting leader of a recently remote/distributed team, this program is for you. Mastering eMeetings 101 is our foundational online learning program. It is designed to enhance your ability to lead your virtual meetings with greater time-efficiency, effectiveness, engagement, energy and overall excellence. You'll receive valuable tips, practical methods and proven facilitation frameworks to enhance the quality and results of your virtual meetings, this program is for you. 

What Is This Course About?

At the end of the five modules, you will be able to follow the Great Virtual Meeting Formula to ensure you have the right technology tools to communicate and collaborate; a solid structure for recurring virtual meetings; and the best facilitation techniques for focused and interactive process. And you also be able to:

  • Systematically structure your recurring virtual meetings for optimal functioning, with standard formats, agendas and templates.
  • Plan and run all your live virtual meetings using the Great eMeeting Framework – what to do Before, at the Start, During, Throughout and at the End. 
  • Attend to nurturing team connections and building your team in every live virtual meeting, through the best warm-ups that build your team over time.
  • Use best facilitation techniques to engage all participants, regardless of their learning and processing styles, so that even the quietest members can contribute.
  • Apply facilitation strategies to manage interactive group process during live meetings, to avoid potential pitfalls and keep your meetings on track and on time.

You can expect to invest between 1 to 2 hours per module to view videos, read downloadable materials, and complete exercises on your own time. Note: Access is available for 1 full year from your sign-up date.

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