The Confident Facilitator Methods

Applying the Core Facilitation Tools As Process facilitate consensus tap collective knowledge engage, energize and help align participants
The Confident Facilitator Methods is a 1-day hands-on facilitation skills-building program that builds on the foundational skills and tools introduced in The Confident Facilitator course.  In this course, core tools are seen as the building blocks of proven facilitation methods, and applied to tap group knowledge, develop common ground, generate solutions and achieve alignment and consensus.   
"Even though I have facilitated meetings and various groups for years, this part of the course provided me with a wealth of excellent techniques and practices to incorporate into future facilitations". -- C. H. 
Learning Objectives

Experience, learn and practice versatile facilitation techniques and methods:

  • Pairs to Large Groups for Enhanced Engagement
  • Ritual Dissent/Assent
  • Six Thinking Hats
  • Technology of Participation
  • ORID Focused Conversation Method
  • Participant Design & Practices of the Methods
  • Reflection : What Methods/When for Optimal Group Outcomes? 
"The course helped me to understand how to gain group consensus. I loved the exercises of bringing the techniques together with practical applications. Participants gain hands-on experience through practice with peers. I am leaving excited about my new skills." --T.L. 
Who Is This Course For?
Suitable for experienced facilitators if such participants read/attend a prior Refresher of The Confident Facilitator course for common terminology & frameworks.  Ideal for past participants of The Confident Facilitator and experienced facilitators who seek to improve their confidence and repertoire of facilitation skills, including managers, team leaders, project managers, internal consultants, and business analysts, various professional and technical experts, change and quality improvement agents.