The Agile Facilitator

Advanced Group Facilitation Methods & Design




Preparing to become a professional facilitator?

            Want practice on complex session design?

                     Looking for an expanded toolkit of methods?




The Agile Facilitator is an intensive three-day course that will dramatically enhance your ability to design and facilitate groups with confidence and agility.  Building on existing facilitation knowledge and skills such as those of The Confident Facilitator (or equivalent course), The Agile Facilitator helps you take the next step in your facilitation mastery so you can tackle bigger issues, in lengthier meetings, with more complex and potentially conflicted situations. You will gain the building block tools, proven methods and helpful process frameworks to facilitate consensus, build common ground, generate creative solutions, and develop committed action plans. Working with a complex case, you will benefit from peer and master facilitator feedback on your process designs and practice facilitations. (Note: This courses is not suitable for beginning facilitators.)


Learning Objectives

You will:  

  • Discover a systematic workshop framework to design a variety of session purposes, from solving problems to improving processes
  • Acquire and practice facilitation tools, techniques, methods to add to your expanded facilitator toolkit
  • Gain deep insights and invaluable feedback on your group process design and practice facilitations
  • Be able to build consensus around a desired future state and solutions
  • Understand when a group needs to stay in discussion, when it needs to decide, and how to facilitate both
  • Know how to prevent dysfunction and dynamics before the meeting and gain proven intervention techniques during the meeting
  • Become more nimble with your methods, able to custom design sessions for any purpose.
  • Master more than one facilitation tool / method; know the variations including how to blend with World Cafe  
  • Be able to switch or modify the process as needed, depending on emerging group needs.
  • Advance your facilitation competencies consistent with the IAF professional facilitator certification program.


Ideal for:

Facilitators, consultants and organizational development specialists who are seeking to improve the quality and output of their sessions, workshops, consultations and meetings, including external and internal consultants, business analysts, various consulting professions and technical experts, change management specialists, and quality improvement agents. This course is for individuals who already have experience facilitating groups.


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