The Artful Visual Facilitator

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The Artful Visual Facilitator is a fun, easy, hands-on introductory program on using basic visuals, graphics and images in your facilitation to encourage interactive and productive meetings. Designed to build confidence in incorporating graphics and visuals into the meetings you facilitate, the session is chock-full of opportunities to put your knowledge into practice.

"Loved Avril's style. The course was fun, informative and skill-building, and very realistic! I truly enjoyed her approach and dedication to ensuring participants gained knowledge and practice in adding visuals and graphics. Well done!" -- Lisa Homer, December 2010 Participant

Learning Objectives

In this interactive two-day course led by graphic recorder Avril Orloff, you will learn the basics of graphic language and its potential to enhance your facilitation effectiveness. You will:

  • Understand the core principles of visual thinking and of visual learners and participants
  • Acquire basic techniques for drawing simple shapes, icons and people
  • Learn the effective use of colour and graphic metaphors
  • Translate abstract concepts into concrete images
  • Walk away with your own inventory of ready-made graphics
  • Acquire a dashboard of standard formats for a variety of facilitation processes
  • Create illustrative posters and charts for standard meeting visuals like agendas, norms, and group instructions
  • Capture "live" meeting results such as lists, brainstorming and action plans in more memorable ways, with powerful titles and meaningful conceptual images
  • Put it all together to create templates for different meeting outcomes

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"Like many who watch the work of a graphic facilitator I wondered "How do they do that?" and whether I, too, could learn how. Avril's curriculum is designed for aspiring graphic facilitators and also those who want to add to their other facilitation skillsets. She gives one a new sense of a whole continuum of possibilities for welcoming, and for inspiring dialogue. Even learning how to bring clarity by creating a visual agenda gives participants a predictive sense of the flow of the learning. Since Avril's workshop I've had so much fun designing learning that incorporates graphics, as well as being able to "draw the mind" of a room full of thinkers and planners. I highly recommend that newbie graphic recorders, as well as facilitators who want to explore another important modality, take this energizing and fun workshop."   --  Aaron Johannes, January 2012 Participant, Imagine A Circle  

Ideal for:

This program is for group facilitators interested in enhancing their skill and effectiveness by developing a repertoire of useful images, icons, lettering conventions, visual metaphors and much more! Perfect for anyone wishing to learn the essentials of graphic recording. Drawing experience is not required.

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