The Engaging Facilitator

Conversation Methods for Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration



Working with diverse multi-stakeholder groups?

      Need to build common ground for collaborative action?

            Want genuine engagement around meaningful questions

The Engaging Facilitator is a learning program on how to facilitate conversational methods across boundaries in diverse organizations and communities for more cooperative and sustainable results. When mutual understanding, partnership and/or collaborative action are the desired outcomes of a meeting involving multiple views, knowing how to design and facilitate an appropriate flow of meaningful conversations is essential.  
Learning Objectives: The program focuses on the theory and “how-to’s” of various conversation methods. You will:   
  • Learn how to facilitate the proven participatory methods of World Café, Open Space, Dialogue,  Appreciative Inquiry and others for breakthrough thinking, decision-making and collaborative action.
  • Gain valuable insights on how to appropriately blend different conversation methods to achieve mutual understanding; reframe conflict; and generate novel solutions that bridge diverse system needs.
  • Anticipate the ways that partial views play out in diverse groups, and the need to spend time in collective learning through dialogue rather than debate.
  • Be able to foster a systems view and to facilitate productive conversations.
"Take this course! It will enable and empower you to take on challenges and find solutions in large and small groups, while avoiding conflict and derailment. Great tools to use whatever you need to accomplish with others. Very rich in providing lots of new ideas directly applicable to my job." –RV
Ideal for:
If the meetings and sessions you lead involve cross-functional teams, multi-stakeholder groups, and various partners and organizations, this program is for you. Those who should attend include public involvement practitioners, change agents, team/project/program leaders, managers and executives.

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