The Facilitative Instructor

Best Practices for Active Learning




Relying on PowerPoint to deliver content?   

       Learners passively sitting while you talk?

            Wondering how much they’ve really learned?





The Facilitative Instructor will help you transform your instructional delivery through the adoption of facilitative methods to create learner-centered courses. By actively engaging your participants, their retention, understanding and transfer back at work are enhanced.

"An excellent course! I learned practical techniques for active learning and now have new strategies and tools for making aspects of my classes more interactive."  Leleh Behjat, University of Calgary

Learning Objectives

This course is designed around a 5-C Model for Learner-Focused Instruction: Connections, Concepts, Check Understanding, Concrete Practice, and Conclusion.

You will:

  • Know how to start from Designer Mind and anchor in a Facilitative Stance to design and facilitate active learning courses and workshops
  • Gain a 5-C framework to design learner-centered programs, through engaging and meaningful individual and group activities
  • Experience, learn about, and facilitate multiple methods to assist your students to remember/learn and apply skills, knowledge, and attitudes
  • Apply a powerful model for mediating learner thinking from activate current knowledge, through discover new ideas, to develop integrated concepts  
  • Know how to apply core facilitation practices to support student learning, and how to model, manage, mediate and monitor learning
  • Understand what facilitation practices successfully engage learners in discussion, reflection, practices and teaching
  • Acquire tips and techniques for designing brain-friendly and active learning programs
  • Share and explore existing and new success strategies with co-learners to build your repertoire of best practices
  • Select and apply the most promising facilitative instruction best practices to transform one of your current or upcoming classes

"This course provides a good introduction to active learning techniques; you will see them modeled and have an opportunity to work on a real workshop design with a partner." Cindy Graham, University of Calgary

Ideal For

This course is for learning managers, subject matter experts, teaching professionals, consultants, educators and instructors—anyone who frequently or occasionally leads learning programs and desires to enhance his/ her ability to deliver powerful and engaging courses and seminars.

"Reading about active learning strategies doesn't do them justice - the value is felt and experienced." Wendy Benoit, University of Calgary

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