Lead Great Online Meetings

Five Phases of Online Meetings. Want to ensure the success of any meeting, whether leading virtually on a video-conference platform, or in-person during a face-to-face work session?

Attend what you do Before, at the Start, During , at the End and Throughout.

Five Phases of Great Online Meetings

Follow this framework to ensure your success in any meeting:

  • What you do BEFORE the meeting, including preparing the agenda, production of exercises, information, materials, process.
  • At the START – warming up – OR building your virtual team connections.
  • DURING THE MEETING, diving into each agenda topic and broadening the discussion, listening, understanding, making links, then converging onto key input and action or decisions.
  • THROUGHOUT – Attend to group norms and adhere to meeting expectations.
  • At the END – ensuring clarity and commitment about what will happen next.

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