Difficult Participant Strategies

One of the most challenging things for us to deal with as facilitators is the “difficult” participant and meeting.  Consider adopting these neutral and non-confrontational strategies from Speak Like A CEO:skillful facilitator

  • Create a safe, open environment where people can speak their minds
  • Encourage all participants to speak up, and don’t let anyone dominate
  • Use decision devices such as pros/cons, evaluation sheets, grids to evaluate ideas
  • Set the ground rules for your meetings and enforce them
  • Listen to conflicting views

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Dysfunctional Meeting Characters

Participants Bring Both Their Good and Bad Sides to Meetings

good and badEver meet any of these dysfunctional characters below in your meetings? And if so, are you equipped with facilitative strategies to pro-actively prevent or intervene in the moment, so the meeting is not disrupted? Continue reading “Dysfunctional Meeting Characters”