Help Participants “See” “

i get itEver wonder how you can ignite participant understanding? Open up the dams of creativity? Or help group members brainstorm new possibilities?

Believe it or not, by adding simple visuals, graphics and images to your meetings, you can accomplish all three plus more.

As a professional facilitator, I use visual metaphors and templates whenever possible. For example, Continue reading “Help Participants “See” “”

How Do We Get There?

strategic planning VancouverTranslating Vision and Strategy into Action

(This blog follows previous Strategic Planning newsletter topics.)

Sound familiar? “Our team had an incredible strategic planning retreat. Everyone got excited and aligned around a vision and the clear strategic results we all wanted to achieve. Now we’re back to “reality”, with poor follow-through, so chances are very little will actually change.”

Many strategic planning processes fall short at this stage. Continue reading “How Do We Get There?”

Where Do We Want To Be?

Articulating A Bold Consensus Vision of the Desired Future

vision.path2As often attributed to Cat and Alice in Lewis Carroll’s novel, “if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

The visioning phase of strategic planning is about becoming crystal clear on your destination – the vivid images of what you’ll see when you get there. This creative, aspirational, and visionary stage is usually the one that your participants are looking forward to. Continue reading “Where Do We Want To Be?”

Where Are We Now?

creative tensionAnalyzing the Current Situation*

Creative tension is a key concept that informs the Insight phase of our model of Strategic Planning, and goes like this: “Successful change is the result of seeking to resolve the creative tension that arises from simultaneously:

  1. Holding a clear-eyed and honest observation of current reality (where things are now )
  2. Remaining steadfastly committed to a clear and compelling future vision (where we want things to be), i.e., refusing to settle for less than what we want, despite reality.” Continue reading “Where Are We Now?”

What’s Changing?

Once your group, organization or business is clear on its mission , who they serve and the core values that guide the way we do things around here, the next set of process questions in strategic planning relate to scanning the present and anticipated future operating context.

What is changing in our external context? Continue reading “What’s Changing?”

Facilitating Strategic Planning

A fundamental competency of leaders is to guide the direction-setting process for their business, organization or group, typically through strategic planning. A good strategic plan provides clarity, focus, consensus and alignment at all levels to priority goals and results.

Key Process Questions

In this blog series, we will cover key process questions around which the process of strategic planning is facilitated:

  • Who are we?
  • What do we do?
  • Where are we now?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How will we get there?

Along the way, as we unpack these high level questions, we will emphasize when to answer Peter Drucker’s five most important questions to ask your organization:

  1. What is our Mission?
  2. Who is our Customer?
  3. What does the Customer Value?
  4. What are our Results?
  5. What is Our Plan?

The Strategic Facilitator: Aligning Around Vision and Strategy.