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Getting a Good Start

FREE mini-course for more effective meetings!

  • Discover importance of opening well
  • The key points to address for success
  • Techniques to plan and script your start
  • Tips on room set-up for full engagement
  • Useful downloadable tools and resources

Set the Stage for GREAT Meetings!

GETTING A GOOD START is one of eight Effective Meeting modules from
the Masterful Facilitation Institute’s flagship course The Confident Facilitator.

Setting expectations and agendas

Discover how to set agendas, manage roles and outline meeting expectations for more productive meetings and better outcomes.

Determining location & space

Learn how the location and the nature of the space you choose for your meetings can impact the mood, dynamics and outcomes of your meeting.

Begin with a bang!

The first 15 minutes of a meeting is critical in setting the tone, pace and foundation for success of any meeting. Learn how to start with a bang!

Connecting participants

We’ll show you how to set your meeting for success by helping participants to connect in productive ways and get them ready to contribute.

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What’s Included?

Effective Meetings: Getting a Good Start is drawn from one of the eight content modules of our flagship training course, The Confident Facilitator. The mini-course content is actually illustrative of the quality of our comprehensive reference binder, rather than the course itself. In our empowering classes, participants are engaged in hands-on, active learning experiences. Our facilitation skills building courses emphasize participant practice and peer/instructor feedback to embody and anchor learnings. Since we can’t magically beam you into one of our learning rooms, with this mini-course you will still walk away with an arsenal of useful tips and tools for improving your meetings right away! While not as good as being there, we know you’ll agree that this is a valuable resource.
  • Learn 4 key components for starting an effective meeting
  • Self-paced learning
  • 4 convenient easy to consume video modules
  • Downloadable resources

What Our Students Are Saying About Our Courses

"The course content was fantastic. An exciting, engaging, good mix of theory and practice."

EmployeeFortis BC

“If you hate meetings but haven’t given up hope on them, go to the course and learn to make them inspiring!”

EmployeeSurrey School District

"A fantastically well organized course that provides essential skills and tools for all types of organizational uses. I love how all participants with different skill and knowledge levels walked away enriched."


“"An extremely useful course, well designed and full of practical information. The interactive format made learning easy and facilitation could be practiced in a safe, comfortable environment."


"An excellent course on facilitation, and excellent reference materials. I can apply my new skills in all situations (professional and personal)."


“Right after your program, I facilitated two sessions with our department…and thanks to your guidance and the reference materials (the binder is wonderful!), the sessions were a great success!"


"Facilitation takes time and effort to be effective and through this course, you will improve your professionalism.”


"You will leave with ready to go hands-on, practical methods for facilitating! This course exceeded my expectations. I am going back to my workplace with confidence in my newly acquired skills."


"I wholeheartedly recommend this course! I knew nothing of facilitation and the art form. The instructors are brilliant professional facilitators and teachers who make you feel confident while providing a secure and safe learning environment."


"A superb introduction to the art and science of facilitation. Suitable for those new to the practice and also to those with experience who want to enrich their understanding."


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