Happy Successful People

mfi-image-2Nine things happy and successful people ignore:

  1. The mind’s endless stream of doubts. Believe in yourself and your capacity to succeed.
  2. Unfounded fears that stop you from taking risks outside your comfort zone. Stay on goal. Dare to go for it!
  3. Things you can’t control. Remember what works as you focus on the solution. Then do your best.
  4. How long it takes to make a change. Don’t expect instant gratification and results. Celebrate any small steps you take forward.
  5. Distracting ‘busywork’. Say “no” to anything not moving you towards your highest priorities. The world needs your unique gifts.
  6. The pain of hard work and growth. Strength is the result of learning new things and overcoming challenges.
  7. Daily frustrations. A bad day is just that; it too will pass. Remain positive. Find even the slightest funny angle and laugh at it!
  8. What happened in the past; it’s history. Look ahead; do your best. Forgive and then move on.
  9. Others’ judgments of you – say more about them. Strive to always be authentically yourself.

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Author: myriamlaberge

M.A. (Economics), Certified Professional Facilitator Founder & Managing Director