How Do We Get There?

strategic planning VancouverTranslating Vision and Strategy into Action

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Sound familiar? “Our team had an incredible strategic planning retreat. Everyone got excited and aligned around a vision and the clear strategic results we all wanted to achieve. Now we’re back to “reality”, with poor follow-through, so chances are very little will actually change.”

Many strategic planning processes fall short at this stage. Thinking must shift from ‘where we want to be’ to ‘how we’re going to get there. When facilitating strategic planning, invite innovative and practical thinking about first steps to create a roadmap to results. I really like Grove’s GamePlan for this work.

  1. What measurable results are targeted?  Strategic vision goals are long-term goals that need to be further translated into desired end states and grounded into outcome targets.
  2. What blocks our way? Strategies, like the wheel of a car, must be able to move your business, organization or group from where you are today to the desired future destination. Once the future goals are clear, it is important to further analyze the specific barriers and gaps to successful achievement of the goals today, in order to formula effective strategic directions and actions.
  3. What critical factors matter most? No matter what barriers must be surmounted, certain key conditions must be met for success to occur. Limited organizational resources dictate that strategy focus on these high leverage areas while also addressing the barriers to success.
  4. Who will do what when? Strategy development involves the progressive fleshing out of broad directions into high impact objectives, initiative sand action plans with accountabilities.

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Author: myriamlaberge

M.A. (Economics), Certified Professional Facilitator Founder & Managing Director