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Transform Your Meetings: From “Boring” to “Awesome!”

There is one simple proven way to stop wasting organizational time and resources: learn how to transform boring, aimless meetings into productive ones through more confident and skillful group facilitation.

Every day, companies and organizations waste hard-earned revenue and precious resources every time employees attend an unproductive meeting.

Wasted time! In one survey of more than 500 businesses, employees said they spend more than one quarter of their work week in meetings and up to five hours of that meeting time they consider a total waste.

Extrapolate this for a company with 100 employees and you’ve got at least 500 wasted hours every week or 26,000 unproductive hours every year!

What about the cost? All meetings cost money, especially unproductive ones.  Action-Fraction who did the survey estimate that if the average employee attends five meetings every week and if, on average, 40% of meeting time is wasted, the cost of one employee’s unproductive time could be about $6,000 in one year. Multiply that by 100 employees and this is a loss of at least $600,000 every year!

Lost revenue, minimal results and poor morale  – all because of ineffective meetings that happen day in and day out. That’s not a happy picture!

In the same survey, 70% of employees acknowledged that face-to-face meetings are important or essential to their role. Plus, they reported that meetings could be more effective if the content and format were improved. For example, fewer off-topic discussions, more agendas and more follow-up.

What’s to be done? For most people, facilitation is not a natural talent; it is a skill learned and an art practiced. Imagine the lasting value of having people throughout your company learn and implement practical facilitation skills. Imagine the productivity and overall cost savings if every meeting in your company is reduced by just 30 minutes in length. Now that’s a goal worth considering!

Let us show you how to transform long, boring and aimless meetings into focused, productive ones. We can teach your managers, team leads, supervisors and others throughout your company or organization the basics of facilitation so that every meeting has a purpose, an agenda and clear outcomes.

Our facilitation courses can help you transform your meetings from boring/wasteful to productive and awesome:

The Confident Facilitator is a two-day course that gives you the foundations of how to run effective and positive meetings. It’s full of essentials such as how to plan and prepare for a meeting, how to stay on topic, how to ensure basic outcomes, clarity on commitments, and much more.

Who is this course for? Anyone in your company or organization who leads or plans meetings and sessions will benefit from these courses.  By investing in facilitation skills competencies, your organization is making a commitment to stop wasting revenue and precious resources, improve the quality and outcome of your meetings, and contribute overall to organizational health and performance. Interested? Bring this courses in-house.

Author: myriamlaberge

M.A. (Economics), Certified Professional Facilitator Founder & Managing Director