Strategies for Worse Scenarios

aaahh!Do these scenarios fill you with dread: Group dysfunction? Difficult people? Unwelcome dynamics? Learn how to facilitate the worst meeting scenarios with resilience and grace.

During The Skillful Facilitator, you’ll learn how to recognize symptoms of conflict and dysfunction, diagnose problems, and intervene appropriately. With a unique blend of classroom learning, practices, and empowering personal visual coaching session, you will be equipped and ready to handle even the worst meeting scenarios with confidence and poise.

“This course goes right to the heart of group dynamics and the scariest part of facilitation. You will receive concrete techniques to apply.” — AB, June 12, 2013

In The Skillful Facilitator, you will learn:

  • What your role is in the face of dysfunction or conflict
  • How to diagnose the sources of disagreement and dysfunction
  • Helpful models that prepare you for dealing with group dynamics
  • How to stay neutral, centered and effective
  • What questions to ask that support healthy outcomes
  • How to apply facilitative interventions in various scenarios
  • How to identify your personal triggers
  • Strategies to enable you to “stand in the fire” during conflict
  • Specific tips and insights for your specific needs and situations
  • And much more!

Topics include:

  • Source of group dynamics and dysfunction
  • Different reasons for disagreement
  • CPR for group dynamics and EAR for timely and neutral intervention
  • Tuckman model of group development
  • Role and importance of group norms
  • Strategies for different conflict scenarios
  • The power of your personal presence

This course is for you:

  • If you are a facilitator who lacks confidence dealing with difficult group situations
  • If you are a facilitator wanting greater skill with individual dysfunction or conflict
  • If you lead group work and need strategies for difficult meetings

Bring this empowering course in-house: The Skillful Facilitator

Author: myriamlaberge

M.A. (Economics), Certified Professional Facilitator Founder & Managing Director