What A Great Meeting!

People meet for all sorts of reasons.greatmtg Organizations bring people together to accomplish all sorts of outcomes. But, not all of those meetings would be dubbed productive nor would all the participants proclaim, “Wow! What a great meeting.” In fact, it’s probably quite the opposite.

Great meetings take work. The mistake most of us make is we assume we can just ‘wing it’. Not so. The more seemingly effortless, easy and natural the meeting; the more likely a good deal of preparation happened beforehand to achieve that.

Part of the planning process is to determine what type of conversation is required in order for the meeting to achieve its purpose. For example:

  • There are meetings that require a conversation to explore possibilities, which is essentially about brainstorming and blue-sky thinking.
  • Another type of group session might require a conversation for input and feedback, the purpose of which is to consider different perspectives and views around a possible approach or opportunity.
  • A conversation for commitment, on the other hand, is a meeting where the goal is ultimately for the group to make a final decision and/or commit to a goal.
  • And once a decision has been made, an action planning or implementation session will be needed to determine tasks, timelines, and accountability.
  • There are endless other purposes for bringing people together such as problem-solving, project planning and monitoring, process improvement, alignment, strategy development, collaboration, and so on.

Being clear on what type of conversation will be needed to achieve your meeting purpose is the first step to effective facilitation.  There are many others. Do you want to build on that foundation? We can help. Our empowering courses build competencies from facilitation fundamentals for beginners to advanced methods for professionals.

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Author: myriamlaberge

M.A. (Economics), Certified Professional Facilitator Founder & Managing Director