What Are Your Learners Doing?

WAIT-As interesting as most people think their lectures and presentations are, most folks remember very little of what they hear, especially if there is no immediate need to apply the information. Even with stories, metaphors, analogies and humour, listening isn’t learning.

Quiz: What Are Your Learners Doing?

Estimate the rough % of time spent:

__ Reading the text, handouts, slides, manual
__ Listening to you
__ Watching visuals on slides, TV, or computer screens
__ Discussing concepts or practicing skills
__ Teaching, and learning, from each other
100% of total
Learning dramatically increases with discussion of concepts and practice, and the single most powerful way for adults to learn is to teach others/learn socially. Research has shown that adult learners already know almost 70% of the information they will learn in a program; yet almost 67% of the time, they are being told rather than engaged to discover/remember existing knowledge.
So, the next time you or somebody in your facilitated session is considering the option to lecture or present, remember to WAIT (stands for Why Am “I” Talking?), and challenge yourself to design a more engaging and interactive piece.

Author: myriamlaberge

M.A. (Economics), Certified Professional Facilitator Founder & Managing Director