Professional Facilitation


The Masterful Facilitation Institute assists you to become a more confident, capable and professional facilitator.  Read about the many benefits from advancing your current level of facilitation competency. Whether or not you are pursuing facilitation as a career choice through certification, or are looking to hone your current skills level, we support your development through our training programs:

Becoming A More Masterful Facilitator

Our facilitation programs are designed to build facilitator best practices and skills consistent with the competency requirements of the International Association of Facilitators  (IAF*). 

We are guided by the IAF structure to ensure our course participants are knowledgeable facilitators and effective group leaders who have gained confidence and capability in IAF’s key competency areas. 

Our courses contribute to your skills and proficiency, covering a wide range of proven facilitation methods, application, techniques and tools. Facilitation skills are acquired through practice with peers and coaching from experienced facilitators, as well as theory, models, and practical frameworks for group behaviour and organizational performance.  


Five Courses for Masterful Facilitation 

  1. The Confident Facilitator: Essential Skills for Guiding Groups 
  2. The Skillful Facilitator: Managing Meeting Dynamics and Reframing Conflict 
  3. The Agile Facilitator: Advanced Group Process Facilitation
  4. The Strategic Facilitator: Aligning Around Shared Vision and Plans
  5. The Artful Visual Facilitator: Bringing Meeting Results to Life With Graphics


Specialized & Advanced Courses

  1. The Facilitative Instructor: Best Practices for Active Learning
  2. The Engaging Facilitator: Conversation Methods for Collaboration and Wise Action
  3. The Inspired Facilitator: Achieving Mastery Engaging Organizations and Community 
  4. The Facilitative Leader: Engaging Others for Collaboration and Results


Read more about the steps to becoming an effective and more masterful facilitator.

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*The Internation Association of Facilitators is the only organization worldwide that grants the designation of IAF CertifiedTM Professional Facilitator designation indicating attainment of core facilitation competencies. Read about their Certification Process.