Your Journey to Great Meetings

Our facilitation skill training supports both effective facilitation and facilitative leadership on the journey to great meetings, sessions and workshops - every time, for every purpose. When we say 'meeting', we mean any gathering of people for business/organization purposes, including but not limited to status and information meetings, issue and problem sessions, day-long planning workshops, team and task force project work and multi-stakeholder sessions. 

Effective Facilitation

Masterful facilitators aren’t born; they are developed. Our facilitation courses are based upon our decades of first-hand experience learning, growing and adapting as facilitators and leaders. Each course is designed to help you become a more effective facilitator and will also assist you to become a more effective facilitator and facilitative leader.

Whether you are a senior manager or executive chairing a meeting; a team or project leader facilitating ongoing group meetings; assisting the collaboration process in your organization or community; or honing your professional facilitation competencies - our facilitation courses address the basics, as well as the more advanced skills and intricacies of becoming an effective leader and facilitator. 

Bring us in-house to develop your internal pool of facilitators, and to build your facilitative leadership competencies. Our facilitation courses will help you develop your leadership skills to bring out the best in people. Read about the steps to more effective facilitation

Our core facilitation courses focus on key elements for meeting success, such as:

  • What is a meeting, do you really need to meet, and how for what meeting purposes?
  • How to prepare for success for different types of meetings.
  • Guidelines on how to run an effective meeting.
  • Planning a meeting including the meeting agenda.
  • How to conduct a successful meeting with full engagement and productive results.
  • How to organize and manage successful meetings.
  • How to manage meeting dynamics and reframe conflict.
  • How to ensure meeting effectiveness with time-effiicent and focused processes.
  • What facilitators always do to ensure great meeting results.
Our advanced facilitation courses enhance your meeting competencies to:

  • Facilitate problem-solving, issue resolution, strategic planning and action planning.
  • Engage diverse meeting participants and stakeholders.
  • Design and run effective community and public engagement meetings.
  • Address group dynamics and meetingconflict.
  • Incorporate graphics and visual templates to enhance meeting results.
  • Involve employees for ownership and commitment in change management efforts.

Facilitative Leadership

Leadership is much more than running a great meeting. Yet, without the fundamental ability to bring people together to achieve results, true leadership doesn’t come alive. Through practical group methods, focused meeting processes and effective techniques, facilitative leaders draw out the best in people and unite diverse perspectives for collaborative solutions and powerful outcomes. 

Facilitative leaders run great meetings to:

  • Lead change.
  • Engage diverse views.
  • Build common ground.
  • Inspire vision.
  • Generate alignment.
  • Foster innovation.
  • Enable collaboration.
  • Plan effective solutions.
  • Achieve results through people.

Read more about Facilitative Leadership.