Effective Facilitation


The Masterful Facilitation Institute and its facilitation leadership training courses are here to help you develop and hone your skills as a facilitator and leader. There are three steps to becoming an effective or more masterful facilitator:

Step One:
The good news for new facilitators is that facilitation is both an art and a science, and best practices can be learned and successfully applied for effective meeting leadership. Learn and develop the core competencies of guiding groups through effective processes.  Understand how to manage and prevent group dynamics. Relevant course: Confident Facilitator. What can I expect?  Read related topics.


Step Two:
Once you have developed your core facilitation leadership skills, your focus shifts to increasing your professional facilitation competencies with good design and and advanced facilitation methods. Read related topics about advanced group process skills to facilitate a variety of session, workshop and meeting purposes and/or to deliver engaging learning workshops. Relevant courses: Agile Facilitator and Facilitative Instructor


Step Three:
Add life to your meetings with visuals, graphics and images - see Artful Visual Facilitator. Learn how to design, facilitate and lead more complex and longer meetings. Becoming a more masterful facilitator involves understanding the challenges of working across diverse boundaries, and knowing how to design participative and democratic processes to engage organizations and communities. Relevant courses: Strategic Facilitator and Engaging Facilitator.


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