Facilitative Leadership


Interested in becoming a more effective leader?

Why Should You Bother?

The challenges faced by leaders today are complex, constantly shifting and multi-faceted. Effective leaders recognize that to achieve results, people must understand, buy into and accept new directions and solutions. They know that when people have a say in answering the questions that matter to them, they will bring their discretionary energy, time and commitment to ensure solutions are successfully implemented. 

Competencies of Facilitative Leaders

The old style leader imposed answers from the top. Today’s leader is a facilitative leader who succeeds by asking good questions at the right time, to the right people, rather than just telling or directing (ineffective leadership).

Facilitative leaders know how to:

  • Build effective teams for high performance.
  • Lead groups through creative problem solving and issue resolution process
  • Foster employee engagement through participative processes including strategic planning
  • Engage employees and stakeholders for collaboration and synergistic conflict resolution..
  • Create the space for discovery, contribution, dialogue and creativity.
  • Apply practical group team building methods, focused meeting process, and effective facilitation techniques, to draw out the best in people.
  • Bring together diverse perspectives for collaborative solutions and powerful, supported outcomes.

Steps to More Facilitative Leadership

Step One: Build Your Base  

Learn and develop the core competencies of leading a standard meeting that last 30 minutes to two hours, both in-person and virtually (either phone or web-based).

Our students will often tell us that their supervisors and senior managers are the #1 reason that organizational meetings are not productive. The Confident Facilitator will teach you the skills you need to model and support a culture of effective meetings in your workplace. 


Step Two: Enhance Strategic Planning Acumen 

A fundamental role of leaders to the ability to align members of their team, business or organization around shared future goals and plans, and then to lead that change. Enroll in The Strategic Facilitator, so you can oversee and or personally facilitate strategic planning through key process questions.