Strategic Planning


A fundamental competency of leaders is to guide the direction-setting process for their business, organization or group, typically through strategic planning. A good strategic plan provides clarity, focus, consensus and alignment at all levels to priority goals and results. Leading successful change and strategy implementation both depend on organizational alignment on the vision and directions.  

Key Process Questions

Learn how to facilitate key strategic planning questions:
  1. Who are we? What is our work? (Mission and Values)
  2. What is changingWhere are we now? (External and Internal Environmental Scan)
  3. Where do we want to be? (Vision)
  4. How will we get there? (Strategic Roadmap)
  5. How are we doing? (Commitment)
These questions mirror those of venerable management guru Peter Drucker’s five most important questions to ask about your business:
  1. What is our Mission?
  2. Who is our Customer?
  3. What does the Customer Value?
  4. What are our Results?
  5. What is Our Plan?

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Planning and Leading Change

The role of a leader is to ensure buy-in on shared future goals, to formulate plans and organize people and resources to achieve priority results, and to lead that change.
If you are an executive, manager, strategic planner, change agent, or any leader seeking to facilitate productive, positive and aligning strategic planning meetings and change initiatives, sign up for The Strategic Facilitator: Aligning Around Vision and Strategy. 
You will understand how to guide the entire process of strategic planning, from clarifying why you exist as a group or organization, to assessing your current situation, describing your desired future state, establishing the strategies that will propel you forward, and determining how you’ll know if you’ve succeeded.