Facilitation Mastery

Beyond the fundamentals of facilitating effective meetings and sessions, facilitation mastery involves having a solid inventory of techniques and frameworks around which to design and facilitate successful:  issue and problem resolution workshops; strategic planning sessions: as well as collaborative multi-stakeholder meetings. 
Issue and Problem Resolution Topics (topics from past newsletters):

How to become a more agile and professional facilitator:

Relevant Course:   The Agile Facilitator: Advanced Group Process Facilitation

Strategic Planning Topics (click links for previously covered)
Key strategic planning process questions to facilitate:

Relevant Course: The Strategic Facilitator: Aligning Around Vision and Strategy

Multi-Engagement Topics (click links for previously covered)
Theory and “how-to" topics for engaging diverse stakeholders in meaningful conversations:
  • What is a compelling focus question to convene a multi-stakeholder group?
  • What are the right group methods for co-creative engagement and collective learning?
  • What is the challenge to overcome working in multi-stakeholder sessions?.
  • What is the importance of collective learning to achieve a broader systems view?
  • What are the conversation methods that facilitate collective learning?
  • What are some principles for working in a whole system?
  • What is dialogue? How does it foster understanding, innovation and collaboration?

Relevant Course -  The Engaging Facilitator: Methods for Collaboration

While awareness from reading about facilitation is important, it is not usually sufficient alone to hone skills. Facilitation relies on both art and science, and is best mastered in a safe, empowering peer-learning environment with opportunities to observe, practice and debrief new skills. Commit to taking your facilitation to your next level of proficiency through the empowering and informative courses listed above, or visit our website for the steps to becoming an effective or more masterful facilitator