Excellence Factors


Why do our facilitation and learning programs work? We attribute our course success to our "3-E-Factors Empowering, Engaging and Energizing.





Practical frameworks and methods that ensure great meeting results.

We focus on modeling and sharing best practices that achieve great outcomes and group interactions. We help participants gain the mindset and skill-set of a successful facilitator and leader to scope, plan for, design and facilitate group meetings. Participants complete our facilitation programs empowered with insights, models, tools, techniques, resources and tips plus a comprehensive resource manual they can refer back to time and again.





Participative and interactive design for all learning and processing styles.

We walk our talk, using interactive and facilitative techniques that create maximum opportunities for participants to learn how to engage groups, ensure buy-in, tap creativity and generate respectful interactions. To encourage discovery and learning, we engage participants through self-assessment, peer interviews, focused group discussions, case studies, small group assignments, demonstrations and lots of practice applications.





Positive learning environment paced for optimal learning and retention.

Our facilitation courses and programs receive rave reviews for their motivational, inspiring, affirming and positive impact. We ensure participants receive positive peer feedback and anchor their learning through personal reflection, review journals and group discussions of key learning and work applications.

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