The Masterful Facilitation Institute exists to build your confidence and skills as an effective facilitator so you can design and facilitate great meetings, group sessions and workshops - every time, for any purpose.


Our goal is to develop or enhance the facilitation skill, confidence and competency of every course participant, ensuring the highest levels of understanding, retention and transferability. Look no further than the Masterful Facilitation Institute to build your core and advanced facilitation skills. Our suite of comprehensive learning programs supports all levels, from beginning facilitators to those further along the path of facilitation mastery, and anyone seeking professional certification.

And, in everything we do, we model what we teach. We create safe, inspiring and gracious learning environments where our participants:

  • Are together in the best possible way – respectful, curious and authentic. 
  • Learn facilitation skills from each other through active contribution and group interactions, calling forth the best in everyone.
  • Initiate and lead conversations that foster insight, creativity and inspiration
  • Are engaged in facilitated experiential processes so facilitation becomes a ‘bone deep’ competency, not just academic knowledge
  • Anchor their new leadership and facilitation skills and insights to fundamental frameworks, methods, tools, techniques and interventions.

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