Our People

Masterful Facilitation Institute is unique because of our people.

Our impressive team of highly experienced facilitators and professionals have been helping leaders develop their facilitation skills since 2008 with high quality courses in public and in-house settings.

Each recognized in their own diverse spheres, our master facilitation instructors bring their knowledge and know-how to deliver empowering, engaging and energizing learning programs.

  • Myriam Laberge is a professional facilitator and a respected veteran in the field. She is Managing Director of the Masterful Facilitation Institute. Read more.
  • Lisa Homer is an accredited communications professional, certified change management specialist, and professional facilitator in Calgary. Read more.
  • Rosanna von Sacken is a profesional facilitator, graphic coach, and emergency management planning consultant. Read more.
  • Janice Sharlow is a leadership and organizational development specialist, facilitator and course facilitator in Calgary. Read more.
  • Nancy Hinds is an educational consultant who specializes in instructional design, mentoring, coaching, and facilitative leadership.  Read more.

Sought after by their peers, our team has actively provided facilitation, workshops, presentations, plenaries and speeches for a variety of industry associations, including the International Association of Facilitators, the International Association of Public Practitioners, the B.C. Organization Development Network, and the Canadian Community for Dialogue and Deliberation.

Myriam Laberge

Myriam is the visionary founder behind the Masterful Facilitation Institute. A professional facilitator since 1990, and a well-known and respected veteran in the field, she applied her unique talent, skill and commitment to excellence to drive the development of the Institute. She originally conceived of the Institute as a legacy initiative to help others on their path to professional facilitation. Together with key contributions from Brenda Chaddock and valued associates, she has been instrumental in the success of the Institute.

In her three decade career as a professional facilitator, Myriam designed and facilitated hundreds of meetings, planning sessions, group gatherings and large interactive conferences for groups of all size, and meeting purposes that span the entire spectrum of why people meet: strategic planning, team-building, corporate alignment, organization transformation, process improvement, public consultation, community dialogue and deliberation, citizen engagement, collaboration, and implementation planning.

Prior to the Institute, Myriam developed her in-depth knowledge and experience of business, organization effectiveness, leadership and community engagement in a variety of roles as a senior management consultant, organization development specialist, and economist. Just before leaving corporate life and becoming a full-time professional facilitator, Myriam was a manager of budgeting and corporate planning for a large municipal government.

In 2000, Myriam began teaching multi-stakeholder engagement and dialogue at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, B.C. She co-designed executive programs for the Centre for Innovation in Management (then in the Faculty of Business) as well as for Boston College’s Centre for Corporate Citizenship. She has been a Dialogue Associate with the Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue at Simon Fraser University. Myriam has a Master of Economics from the University of Alberta (1978), a B.A. Honours (Economics), and is an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator.

Myriam designed: The Confident FacilitatorThe Agile FacilitatorThe Strategic Facilitator; and The Engaging Facilitator, as well as several other facilitation programs of the Institute. She became a  member of the IAF in 1995. 

Lisa (Homer) Baril

Lisa is an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator as well as an accredited communications professional with more than 20 years of progressive business experience. She has helped organizations in several sectors to increase their impact by facilitating strategic and pragmatic thinking. A Calgary resident, Lisa has considerable experience in the oil and gas sector, with clients such as Cenovus, Enbridge, Encana, Devon, Imperial, Nexen, Talisman, TransCanada and various industry associations to name a few.

Lisa brings to her delivery of our foundational course, The Confident Facilitator, and the 1-day Confident Facilitator Methods course  her business acumen as well as her strong foundation of consulting, corporate, board, and communication experience. Lisa also designed and teaches Effective Meetings Skills.

Lisa is certified both as a Coach Practitioner, as well as in Change Management through Prosci. She is a past instructor for Mount Royal University’s Public Relations Certificate Program, and has the designation of APR (accredited, public relations) from the Canadian Public Relations Society. Lisa is a member of the International Association of Facilitators.


Nancy Hinds

Nancy is a consultant who specializes in dynamic instructional facilitation, mentoring/coaching, facilitative leadership, and conflict management.

She retired from the professional staff of the British Columbia Teachers’ Federation after a varied career in communication, educational training and mediation and continues to work with school districts on system-wide, innovating teaching and learning practices with her own company.  Nancy’s passion for leadership in the design and facilitation of powerful and engaging learning experiences that bring collaborative results has allowed her to work with groups across Canada and internationally.

Nancy co-delivers The Facilitative Instructor, which she has co-designed, as well as The Confident Facilitator.  Nancy holds the honour of being the first graduate of the Masterful Facilitation Institute program! Nancy is a member of the International Association of Facilitators.

Rosanna von Sacken

Rosanna is an IAF Certified Professional Facilitator with the International Association of Facilitators and a Certified Graphic Coach. She has been designing and developing programs and facilitating workshops, instructional sessions and meetings for over 20 years.

Rosanna specializes in providing emergency management expertise in her consulting services. She is an associate instructor at the Justice Institute of B.C.

Rosanna is passionate in helping groups, individuals and organizations realize their visions, achieve their goals and create their own solutions.

Rosanna’s depth of experience with organizational meetings enables her to lead these MFI courses: The Confident Facilitator; the 1-day follow-on course of The Confident Facilitator - Methods;  The Agile Facilitator;  and The Strategic Facilitator.  


Janice Sharlow

Janice has over 20 years of senior level experience in the field of leadership and organizational development, talent management, human resources and business operations.

She is passionate about developing and implementing strength-based programs, and designing strategies which aim to enhance employee engagement, improve organizational effectiveness and collaborative approaches.

Janice has worked in all sectors, including post-secondary institutions and corporate training departments to design and facilitate workshops and courses in Leadership, High Performing Teams, Appreciative Inquiry, and Organizational Change.

She currently teaches The Confident Facilitator with our Institute.  


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