What Is Process Facilitation?

Whatever your role - leader, facilitator, organizational consultant - the Masterful Facilitation Institute learning programs develop and hone your process facilitation skills. Our comprehensive suite of courses expands your ability to design and facilitate successful sessions, meetings, workshops, and retreats, every time, for every purpose, and in every organizational and community setting.  

Process facilitation is the art and science of guiding groups through structured process steps towards desired outcomes with as much participation, creativity and productivity as possible. The ultimate goal is to achieve results that all participants understand, have appropriately contributed to, and accept. Depending on the purpose of the session, a facilitated process will involve a sequence of steps to assist the group in achieving the desired outcomes. As an example, the pre-defined steps might relate to a meeting purpose where issue resolution or problem solving is the goal:
  • Define the issue so everyone knows what is to be discussed and resolved.
  • Analyze the issue to build common understanding from all perspectives.
  • Generate a shared picture of what success would look like.
  • Brainstorm possible solutions to bridge to the desired future.
  • Evaluate the best ideas, and select those to implement.
  • Plan appropriate next steps.

Effective Meetings and Sessions - Who Needs Them?

Meetings are vital to the health and success of every company and organization.

Who needs them? We all do! However, researchers estimate that unproductive meeting time is as much as 50%

Meetings often lack effective leadership, focused outcomes and even have the wrong people in the room. Ineffective meetings fail to solicit full participation, input and respectful interactions which are essential for creativity, group ownership and alignment. And, there’s often no follow-up!

Good meetings are the result of good leadership and facilitation. And learning how to facilitate effective meetings is an essential leadership skill for leaders in today’s world. With good process facilitation skills, you can:

  1. Engage people
  2. Maximize their contributions
  3. Enhance their performance
  4. Build consensus
  5. Foster collaboration
  6. Deepen commitment, and
  7. Resolve disputes.


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