Facilitate Like A Pro Lead More Productive Group Work Online

You can go beyond online discussion on Zoom and tackle collaborative work. We'll walk through how to adopt professional facilitation practices to scope out your online work sessions so you get guaranteed engagement of your virtual group to solve problems, collaborate effectively, and reach your goals.

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In this FREE Webinar Training, we will walk step-by-step through:

How To Go Beyond Discussion & Zoom Fatigue

The reasons why discussion alone won't get you there and what it takes to get things done remotely.

The 5 Critical Steps to Scope Our Your Online Sessions

How to think through exactly what to do, when and why for successful collaborative work.

Three Essential Pillars to Design and Facilitate Online

The best tools, methods and generic process you can adopt from professional facilitation.

Professionals, project and group leaders, and consultants like you lead diverse group members through processes to solve problems, address opportunities, and set new directions. You may be struggling to support this creative work online, and need to transfer your face-to-face skills to the virtual environment. You don't have to be a professional facilitator to lead your virtual group through participative and productive online work sessions and workshops.

Supporting Your Facilitation Success! Myriam

What if you could benefit from a trusted guide to empower you with best practices, so you can enhance your facilitation leadership competencies?

Collaborative work that is not co-located is even more challenging than in-person. What if you had the opportunity to adopt proven methods, and apply easy-to-follow, generic and broadly applicable processes, so you could lead your online sessions with greater ease and confidence?

I didn't start off as a professional facilitator. I learned - and you can too, how to adopt proven best practices from the field of facilitation to meaningfully engage the talent, passion and know-how of participants for effective collaborative outcomes - no matter the type of client system or the type of work.

Our courses build your know-how and confidence. In this webinar, we'll dive into exactly how you can acquire the core professional facilitation concepts, tools, and methods so you can design and lead successful sessions, virtually and in-person.

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