What Online Work Are You Doing?

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As a remote meeting leader, you are either running a virtual meeting or a work session. Making a distinction between the two is vitally important to your ability to successfully facilitate online collaboration.

Running Virtual Meetings

The meetings you run with your virtual team or group usually re-occur and have a standard predictable agenda. These would include your 1-on1-‘s; regular team huddles; weekly team meetings. All involve participants who share a common goal towards which they work as a primary part of their role. These meetings likely last from 10 minutes to at most 90 minutes. When you run these meetings, things get discussed:

  • Share information
  • Status/Progress Updates
  • Check-ins with people; build team relationships
  • Obtain input and gain feedback on possible options
  • Coordinate regular tasks

Facilitating A Working Session

In contrast to regular meetings, online collaboration occurs in a working session with a group of people you’ve specifically convened to address a unique purpose. And by including a diversity of disciplines, views and knowledge, you increase the chances of innovation and sustainable solutions. Be prepared for longer timelines. Online collaborative sessions can last anywhere from 1/2 day to 2+ days. In fact, some workshops could spread out over weeks, with some work conducted live and much completed asynchronously. Working sessions go beyond discussion, and are specifically held to get things done (collaborate, decide, plan):

  • Solve problems
  • Create ideas and designs
  • Improve processes
  • Develop strategy
  • Establish plans
  • Implement decisions

Our online course, Facilitating Online Collaboration for virtual team leaders and group facilitators will enhance your repertoire of online facilitation skills. This empowering program covers every aspect of designing and facilitating a successful online work session. Topics include:

  • The Promise & Challenge of Diverse Groups
  • The Facilitation Diamond Sequence for Collaborative Work
  • Online Tools and Templates for Collaborative Work
  • Planning, Preparing, Setting Up Your Work Session/Workshop
  • Facilitating Your Live Interactive Meetings and Work Sessions
  • Applying the Five-Step Workshop Method for Design