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Strategies for Zoom Pitfalls

Even more things can go wrong in virtual meetings than in your face-to-face sessions. The key is to know how you can quickly respond or pro-actively anticipate.


Five Phases of Virtual Meetings

Want to ensure the success of any meeting, whether leading virtually on a video-conference platform, or in-person during a face-to-face work session? Attend what you do Before, at the Start, During, at the End and Throughout.

Quick Tips for Great Virtual Meetings

Want some quick tips for great meeting process? Professional facilitators attend to these five dimensions of great process: Attention. Interaction. Information. Organization and Energy. Get some quick take-away tips you can apply right away

What Online Work Are You Leading?

As a remote meeting leader, you are either running a virtual meeting or a work session. Making a distinction between the two is vitally important to your ability to successfully facilitate online collaboration.

Build Your Virtual Team Community

Human beings do their best work in welcoming environments that nurture their needs for safety, connection and respect, and where trust is built up over time. Learn how do you can build trust and community with your remote group.

Facilitation as Leadership

Great leaders guide others to achieve extraordinary things. Similarly facilitation is a mission critical competency for any leader wishing to bring out the best in their team or group. The skills of facilitation include active listening, strategic thinking, challenging the status quo, encouraging a shared vision, empowering others to act.

Extract from Signature Course: Facilitating Online Collaboration

Past Facilitation Blogs

Browse through past blog posts relating to in-person facilitation, leadership and engagement.

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