Make your meetings productive - every time, and save money!

Make your meetings productive - every time, and save money!

Tired of meetings that don't start on time, that lack purpose or accomplish very little? Find out how to boost meeting effectiveness.



We bring our empowering courses in-house to your team, group or organization. 

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Our facilitation skills training courses build your confidence and competencies.

Practical, Comprehensive & Empowering

 What courses should I take?

What can I expect from your courses?

Each Masterful Facilitation Institute course is designed to help you become a more effective facilitator and facilitative leader.

Our core facilitation courses focus on key elements for meeting success, such as:

  • What is a meeting, do you really need to meet, and for what meeting purposes?
  • How to prepare for success for different types of meetings.
  • Guidelines on how to run an effective meeting.
  • Planning a meeting including the meeting agenda.
  • How to conduct a successful meeting with full engagement and productive results.
  • How to organize and manage successful meetings.
  • How to ensure meeting effectiveness with time-effiicent and focused processes.
  • What facilitators always do to ensure great meeting results.
Our advanced facilitation courses enhance your meeting competencies to:

  • Ask good focus questions to bring the attention of the group to the topic, or the work.
  • Facilitate problem-solving/issue resolution, strategic planning and action planning.
  • Engage diverse meeting participants and stakeholders.
  • Design and run effective community and public engagement meetings.
  • Address group dynamics and meetingconflict.
  • Incorporate graphics and visual templates to enhance meeting results.
  • Involve employees for ownership and commitment in change management efforts.